Dr. Jill’s Mom

Here is a photo of my own mother, Carmel Joyce, living it up as usual, over her 90th birthday! Yet this is a MEM-PRO success story! (Read more below).


You would never guess from her appearance that 14 years ago my mother suffered severe loss of memory at the age of 78. Did she have Alzheimer’s at 78? No one will ever know because true Alzheimer’s cannot be diagnosed until an autopsy. Perhaps she had mini-strokes?

Nonetheless, this MEM-PRO™ nutrient combo (of about 3-4 capsules per day) averted her inevitable move to an assisted living facility and made her well again. When she first suffered the memory loss symptoms, her memory improved so immensely that she remarried at the age of 82 only to follow that by sailboat racing on the Chesapeake Bay at age 84.

She still lives independently in her own house, at the ripe old age of 92 (and now takes 6 capsules per day!)

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