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“Don’t Forget: What Drug and Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Memory Loss” can be found at Amazon.com on book, e-book and audio.

Book Testimonials:

Dr. Daniel Amen, Amen Clinics, (SPECT Brain Scans) Author of ~””Don’t Forget” is filled with helpful, solid, well-researched information you won’t get at your doctor’s office–important to all of us!”

Steve Brown, Speaker & Author of Key Life ~“Great book! I really do like the book (read some of it yesterday). Wow! Thanks so much for giving me a copy. You really do have a winner here.”

Jacqueline Marcell, Author of ~”Riveting! Shocking! An inside & unique look at the brain’s complexity and memory loss. A must-read for anyone getting older!”

Bob Burg, Burg Communications of Jupiter, FL., Fortune 500 Speaker & Author including: ~”Wow! I can’t believe no one else is dealing with this problem. People really need to become aware of this!”

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic ~”This message is coming through loud and clear. Stay strong. I wish you well in this.”

Roy Lightner, Publicist, Creator of Ernie for Burger King ~”You need to let people know about this! The stories these people tell (Chapters 6-7) are most revealing!”

Donna Eisenshtat, Student FIU “I feel 1000 times more able to deal with this now. I have already told others where to turn!” Memory Loss Caregiver “I’m one person–I never heard about this from anyone. I don’t know where to turn sometimes.”

Memory Loss Survivor “People need to learn. I’ve seen hundreds of people progress! I’m 14 years later and still improving!”