From the Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation:

“Emerging science has shown that it may be possible to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. There is no magic bullet, but PhosphatidylSerine (PS) is very effective at reversing signs of memory loss. In my clinical experience, it’s actually quite remarkable.”

Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

Medical Director, Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation, USA

Double blind clinical trials on “Phosphatidyl Serine” in Mem-Pro™ & it’s effectiveness

Name No. Of Subjects  Scientific Refs*        Dosage Results
Amaducci et al, 1988 142 2 200mg/day Vs. placebo Benefited memory, verbal ability, daily living
Cenacchi et al, 1993 425 7 300mg/day Vs. placebo Benefited memory, learning, adaptability
Crook et al, 1991 51 12 300mg/day Vs. placebo Benefited memory, concentration
Crook et al, 1992 149 11 300mg/day Vs. placebo Benefited memory, global clinical in subgroup
Delwaide et al, 1986 35 14 300mg/day Vs. placebo Benefited daily living
Engel et al, 1992 33 15 300mg/day Vs. placebo crossover Global clinical benefit
Füngeld et al, 1989 62 17 300mg/day Vs. placebo Reduced anxiety, improved mood
Gindin et al, 1995 72 19 300mg/day Vs. placebo Benefited memory, improved mood
hershkowitz et al, 1989 52 23 300mg/day Vs. placebo Improved time orientation, sociability


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is the powerful ingredient in MEM-PRO™ found to be the ultimate brain and memory cell rebuilder and protective nutrient especially when combined with Phosphatidylcholine (PC) as in MEM-PRO™. PS has been the subject of over 2,800 research papers from prestigious medical institutions and 64 human medical studies from renowned scientists in North America and Europe. In a study by Vanderbilt University, Stanford University and the Memory Assessment Clinics, PS improved  telephone number recall, ability to find lost objects, paragraph reading recall, and ability to concentrate while reading or talking.

In addition, in Dr. Thomas Crook’s testing of potential brain nutrients, he found PS to be the most impressive of them all. An Immunopharmacology study showed PS markedly slows down the aging process. Studies in Acta Phychiatrica Scandinavica prove PS improves mood. The European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shows PS significantly reduces stress. We rest our case!