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Karen Fopiano says: Your MemPro is amazing and I’m so much better when I’m taking it. Speaking of which I need a new order, and John (Rich’s cousin) does too. Can you put us on auto-fill?

Karen Allen says: So happy you have them available, my memory is terrible without Mem-Pro! THIS REALLY DOES WORK!!! Call me if you want to hear about it from my experience.

Diane Tulkku, Natural Health Practitioner says: Jill, my clients are anxiously awaiting Mem-Pro please let me know what I need to do to order 6 bottles. Thank you Diane.

Laura Von Beck says: Dr. Jill, how can I get my hands on some of this?!? I’m all the way up in VA. Xoxo (super happy to see this, by the way)!

Alexis Cornide says: FINALLY…. A natural supplement to positively increase my mood and my memory😉 Way to go! It’s finally back on the market!!

John A. Joyce, Jr. GE Helicopter/ Fixed Wing Division says: “I remember things better when I take Mem-Pro™.”

Jonathan Becker. Certified Natural Health Professional says: “More ideas are coming to me than before, things I would not have put together are connecting and my mood improves when I take it.”

Lourdes Caraballo says: “I appreciate being able to think better.

Bernice M Bucher says: “Please send more right away, I can’t remember like I was before I ran out — that stuff really works.

Delicia Harris of California says: ” I don’t awaken anymore feeling like my head is in a fog. I’m more alert upon wakening and throughout the day. Increased recall of facts, increased retention of information, not nearly as scatterbrained as described so accurately in the humorous article entitled “A-A-A-D-D” Thank you so very much for your God Given Product.

Don Burge of Lake Worth, FL says: “Please keep my orders coming, Mem-Pro™ helps me a lot!”

Diane Tulkku, Alternative Practitioner of Jupiter, FL says: “I really notice the difference when I run out of it!”

Jeanine Joyce says: “I feel clear headed for the first time in years when I take it!”

on May 29, 2015:
“So happy you have them available, my memory is terrible without Mem-Pro! THIS REALLY DOES WORK!!!”

From the Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD, Medical Director, Alzheimer’s Prevention Foundation, USA says:

“Emerging science has shown that it may be possible to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. There is no magic bullet, but Phosphatidylserine (PS) is very effective at reversing signs of memory loss. In my clinical experience, it’s Actually Quite Remarkable.